Terms and Conditions

  1. Confirmation of Booking:  Payment in full is required  to secure a position within any class unless being paid for by a Company.  Company must pay invoice prior to class commencing unless an account has been arranged.  This includes any payment of transfer fees – see Item 5 – Transferring to another Course. 

  2. Refunds prior to a course commencement. 
    • A full refund of class fee less $50 admin fee will be issued if written requests are received outside of 14 days prior to commencement of your course. Written requests to be emailed to nancy@wfst.com.au
    • No refund if cancellation is within 14 days of commencement of the course.

  3. Refund Requests after commencement of Course:  There are no refunds given to clients after the course has commenced. This still stands should the client choose to pay a transfer fee.  Refunds reflect the original course booked.

  4. Non-Attendance to a course without prior notice to WorkForce Skills & Training.  Where a student is prevented from attending due to illness or any other reason deemed reasonable by Workforce Skills & Training, the participant is required to contact us to arrange a transfer.  If no contact is made to WorkForce Skills & Training before completion of the course, the participant will forfeit 100% of the course fee. See Transfer Charges Point

  5. Transferring to another course after enrolment:  All participants of WorkForce Skills & Training who wish to transfer to another date after enrolment will incur a $50 transfer fee.  No transfer can be processed until the fee is paid. Transfers must be made prior to end time of the original class booked into. Courses must be completed within 2 months of original class booked into. If payment not received – full price charged for new enrolment date.

  6. Transferring: -  Limit of one transfer is permitted per participant.

  7. Cancellation of Course by Workforce Skills & Training.  Workforce Skills & Training reserves the right to cancel courses, or change dates if necessary.  In the event of course cancellation by us, every effort will be made to transfer participants to another scheduled course with minimum inconvenience.

  8. PRACTICAL ONLY SESSIONS – All Pre-work MUST be completed prior to attending your session.  If not completed, you will need to pay the fee of $50 to transfer to another course date.