Overview of Non-accredited Child at Risk Refresher

This course is conducted 100% online, no practical sessions are involved

Full Online refresher course (non-accredited)

Learning content is provided in an online format within the course. The assessment component consists of multiple choice questions.

Please note that all case studies within this course are fictional. As a wide variety of job descriptions and workplace environments exist, case studies may not always cover all types of possible scenarios encountered within your job role or scope of work.

However, these case studies should allow you to apply your decision making and duty of care responsibility across the board, when recognising and responding to children and young people at risk.

For our online courses, we recommend that you use Google Chrome as your browser, as other browsers, such as Internet Explorer, may not display the multimedia content of the course. 

If you are not currently using Google Chrome please switch browsers before continuing.

Work your way through each of the sections below. All sections must be completed.

When all the learning has been completed and you have correctly answered all the theory questions, you will receive an email regarding your certificate. 

For support with this course please email: online@allenstraining.com.au

The total cost of this course is $55
  • Acknowledgement of Country
  • Additional Resources
  • Child at Risk Section 1
  • Child at risk Part 1 - Theory Assessment
  • Child at Risk Section 2
  • Child at Risk Section 3
  • Child at Risk Section 4
  • Child at Risk Section 5 (Non accredited)
  • Child at risk Part 2 - Theory Assessment
  • Child at risk final slide
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