Coronavirus Policy

Dear Customers,

Given the international health crisis regarding the COVID-19 virus, we have looked closely at our practices to protect the health and safety of participants and our trainers.

We will continue to monitor but it is also crucially important that we continue to teach CPR, as approximately 115,000 people globally suffer Sudden Cardiac Arrest every day.

We would like to take this opportunity to inform you how our first aid & CPR are checked.


When you book a course we are now asking “Have you or someone close to you engaged in any air or sea travel in the last month”

If, yes, the face to face training day must be more than 14 days from the time of booking.


If a student presents with any flu  like symptoms (sore throat, coughing, shortness of breath, fever) they will be asked to absent themselves from the class and obtain a medical certificate before returning showing they are free of COVID-19 to attend a later class.


·       Class size has always been limited to 20 people .

·       All manikins are wiped down with eucalyptus at conclusion of each class, new lungs installed.

·       Hand Sanitiser in room and all students to use before commencing any training.

·       Each student is assigned their own resuscitation manikin to use for CPR training and face shields.


·       All equipment, lunch room table, chairs, door handles thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant wipes before and after training.

·       Use of single-use disposable gloves for activities. Manikins wiped down several times as students move from adult to child to infant.

*       Maximum number of students per class is 10 due to social distancing


Viruses are contagious – so is panic, fear, hysteria, calm, love, enthusiasm, kindness and joy.