20 Apr

How does workplace training improve employee retention?

Employee turnover on a large scale is any business’s nightmare, as it spikes the cost of human resources and has a negative impact on productivity and other existing employees; new staff need several months before they can competently carry out new responsibilities, besides the added costs of replacing staff members.

As a business owner, preventing such inconveniences means understanding the most common reasons why people choose to leave. The reason is the lack of professional challenges and new experiences within the workplace.

Fortunately, training is one of the most effective methods of ensuring worker loyalty. Here are some benefits that training brings both to your company and its employees:

  • Staff feel valued when you offer them the opportunity to complete formal training
  • Training increases motivation for work a lot more efficiently because it fosters extrinsic motivation as opposed to waiting for a reward in exchange for business accomplishments.
  • Training can be coupled with gamification, and people who have fun at their jobs gain higher workplace satisfaction.
  • Training keeps talented staff engaged and motivated
  • For many employees, expanding their set of skills is also a source of personal satisfaction, which is often considered more important than professional accomplishments.
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19 Apr

Is Continued Professional Development important?

Many occupations now require proof of “Continued Professional Development”-  this is why it’s so important to invest in high-quality professional development – to ensure you are up to date with current development within your industry or field.

Ongoing professional development comes with multiple benefits:

  • Ensures compliance with industry standards
  • Delivers professional service to your clients or customers
  • Updates your knowledge of the latest industry trends
  • Maintains your interest levels and encourages further training
  • Understand what it takes to be a successful practicing professional – especially the healthcare sector e.g. nursing, doctor, specialist, safety advisor etc.

Aside from achieving the above points, continued professional development will help you enrich your personality and become a more accomplished individual.

Your resume can boast your achievements and dedication to your role and career.  Each investment you make in yourself is worth it!

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19 Apr

5 Reasons to renew your first aid qualification

  • Mandatory requirement of your job
  • Parent / Grandparent / Nanny or Carer
  • Assist others and possibly SAVE A LIFE!
  • Gain a National Accreditation
  • Enhance your resume with another qualification


Provide First Aid with Workforce Skills and Training is a comprehensive training course that will give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to assist an ill or injured person until medical aid arrives.

During this course, you will learn the DRSABCD action plan as well as resuscitation, defibrillation, asthma, anaphylaxis and the management of various injuries and illnesses.

Provide First Aid was previously known as Apply First Aid or Senior First Aid. This course is facilitated over eight hours. We can accommodate requests for workplaces for flexible delivery e.g. 4 hours over 2 days or 4 hours over 2 nights.

Provide First Aid is valid for 3 years and CPR is valid for 12 months.

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16 Apr

What emergency phone numbers work in Australia?

Hopefully you will never need to use it, but its worth knowing just in case.

000 – Triple Zero is the number that we all know to call in case of an emergency but do you know what number to call from your mobile should you not have reception?

112 – Dialled from a mobile phone where your provider has no reception will connect to any available network.

112 – Does not need a SIM.

112 – Dialled on your mobile will reach 000.

911 – This number is diverted to 000 in Australia due to many US shows quoting this number.

So as not to confuse a child – 911 now converts to our 000 when dialled and overcomes any problems with children dialling it as a result of watching American shows.

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